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Movement Coaching

What is movement coaching?

Movement coaching is the one-on-one work I offer utilizing both my Rosen Method Movement and Alexander Technique certifications: I am an AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, a Certified Rosen Movement Teacher, and a Senior Rosen Movement Teacher Trainer.


This work originated from my teacher training work; A student in the Rosen Movement training was struggling with some rhythm and hip movement and wanted to break down some of the Rosen movements in a one-on-one setting. The nature of the private sessions is that it allows myself and the coaching client to take a deep dive into the nuance of the movement itself and how their body accomplishes and experiences movement. We can get to some pretty profound aha-s this way!


Clients have reported that the movement coaching sessions increase what they can experience and gives them much more empowerment and clarity around movement.


I offer this work both for movement professionals or movement professionals in training, as well as lay people who want to feel better in their bodies.

Movement coaching for lay people:

As with my group Rosen Movement classes, this work is truly for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with themselves and to move with more ease. Whether you are an athlete or a person with a chronic illness this work is for you.


I have taught seniors at the Napa Senior Center for close to 20 years and have loved working with people who have Parkinson’s, who are recovering from an illness or surgery, and people of all ages who are living with chronic illnesses that leave them feeling depleted.


Likewise, those who have physical endeavors at the center of their lives, such as with athletes or dancers, can discover a great deal of freedom, ease and refinement in their movement patterns in a way that allows them to continue training as they wish to and helps them to be vastly more resilient in their recovery phases.

Movement coaching for movement professionals:

coaching professionals

For Rosen Movement teachers who would like to move to a deeper level in their teaching (and for Movement students who would like to move to a deeper level in their experience of themselves), one-on-one coaching can help you:


  • Understand Rosen movements from the inside out


  • Deepen your understanding and enjoyment of basic Rosen Movements, exploring discrete parts of a movement and of the body performing it, and how those pieces and parts go together to make a whole and complete movement, performed by a whole self.


  • Work with rhythm and music


  • Work with alignment and coordination


  • Increase your knowledge and inner experience of your anatomy, and bring that into your movements/teaching.  I.e. feet, hips, deep spine, breath, etc.


  • Deepen your aliveness and awareness in each and every movement.

Who is it not for?

Movement coaching is about an exploration of how we move, rather than a prescriptive protocol. If you are looking for a rehabilitation protocol (as one might get from a physical therapist) this work would not be the right fit for you.

Where do we meet?

Most movement coaching sessions happen online via Zoom, so you can take them in the comfort of your own home, and you are not limited to being near my geographic area.  However, if you are local to Napa, CA, you may have sessions in person.

How do I prepare for a session?

Wear clothes that are comfortable and set yourself up with your computer camera where I can see your whole body (or where the camera or laptop is moveable enough that you can move it at times when I need to look more closely at something). 


You will need to have Zoom downloaded on your computer- this is free to download. I will send you the link to connect after you have booked and you only need to click that link to get the window to pop up.

Who is the practitioner?

It’s me! I'm Karen Peters and you can read more about my background and qualifications here.


Option  1:


For those who are under or unemployed and who do not have disposable income after meeting their basic needs.

Option  2:


For those who are able to meet their basic needs with some money left over for other expenses. 

Option  3:


For those who are easily able to meet their basic needs and have money left over for other expenses.

Still have questions?

What Movement Coaching Clients Say:

In working with Karen as an individual movement coach, I have benefitted from the years of somatic experience and training that she brings to each session. Her observations and suggestions are specific while her tone is one of curiosity and invitation. Her passion for her work fostered my willingness to explore how parts of my body move and don’t move. I enjoyed every session’s discoveries with Karen’s support and straight-forward wisdom.


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