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About my approach

I am trained in both Rosen Method Movement and The Alexander Technique. While I primarily teach Rosen Method Movement, my background in the Alexander Technique greatly informs that work.


Both Rosen Method Movement and the Alexander Technique are dedicated to helping people inhabit their bodies with more ease. As we go through our daily lives, most of us are living in our bodies with all kinds of tension and compression (i.e., contracted muscles) which cause us physical pain, inhibit free breathing, take us out of alignment, and so on.


In Rosen Method Movement, the range-of-motion, swinging movements encourage us to loosen rather than tighten around our joints. Rather than pulling in, or tucking, or contracting, we can expand to take up space, to come to our full stature. Experimenting with doing any given movement with less effort, we can experience that less really IS more: our awareness of ourselves and the life within can go much deeper when we are not tensing around ourselves.


This movement practice also points us toward the interior world of self-discovery, the deeply rewarding “ahas” we get when we discover a new part of ourselves, or a reason we have been holding ourselves a certain way and are then able to let it go.


Ultimately, the very simplicity of each movement means we can use it to learn about ourselves, and  to play with ways of inhabiting ourselves and moving our bodies with less tension, and with more joy and freedom.

About Karen Peters

I have been a movement educator for over 20 years. I am  an AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, a Certified Rosen Movement Teacher, and a Senior Rosen Movement Teacher Trainer.


I hold an M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary and spent several years in academic teaching and teaching in the Peace Corps before diving below the surface into the rich world of the body.


I currently teach in Napa and Berkeley, California, and online to people located anywhere.


Movement is my great joy!

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