Two Modalities that Complement and Enhance each other

The Alexander Technique looks deeply at HOW we move and use our bodies, and Rosen Movement classes provide a fun, light place to explore and play with what we learn about how we move best--to music!

In fact, Marion Rosen and Alexander Technique Teacher Frank Ottiwell were friends and colleagues who worked with and "on" each other, and on occasion taught together, so the relationship between Rosen Method and the Alexander Technique has been alive for a long time.  It is one in which I have found a life-time of rich exploration and delight.

moving the way your body is designed!

The Alexander Technique

How we inhabit our bodies--with unconscious compression and tension, or with freedom and ease?

Rosen Method Movement

Simple, natural movements that restore range of movement and ease to tight, stuck places--in body and soul!

Taught by

Karen Peters


Karen Peters is an AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, a Certified Rosen Movement Teacher, and a Senior Rosen Movement Teacher Trainer. She holds an M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary, and spent several years in academic teaching before diving below the surface into the rich world of the body. She currently teaches in Napa and Berkeley, California, and in B.C., Canada.  She loves to move!